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Design Thinking is a mindset, a stepping stone towards becoming an innovative organisation.

Design Thinking is a problem definition and problem-solving methodology that focuses on understanding how humans work, and what they need. In the business context, empathy is developed for the customer by understanding their needs. Design Thinking provides an extensive array of tools to examine large, complex problems and deliver truly innovative solutions.  


To meet rapidly changing market conditions and increasingly sophisticated customer demands, companies must continually reinvent themselves to stay ahead. Design thinking, and more broadly innovation, have become a core focus to keep pace with these shifting dynamics. 


Without a clear strategy and commitment, innovation initiatives face numerous challenges including inconsistent funding of initiatives or multiple innovation projects commencing with a hypothesis being tested, leading to inconclusive results. 

At ADAPTOVATE, we recognize that innovation is a collaborative sport which starts at the top.

  • Leaders must establish a vision, a clear strategy, and live the values of innovation  
  • The organization must embrace a “test and learn” culture  
  • Employees should be encouraged to collaborate and experiment with diverse ideas  

ADAPTOVATE’s innovation offerings help organizations transform their culture and achieve valuable outcomes faster.  

Design Thinking

ADAPTOVATE offers customized design thinking workshops and design sprints and training to help leaders and teams define their biggest problems, create a strategy to solve these problems, and the necessary tools to uncover the appropriate solutions.

Design Sprints 

Design Sprints drive innovation, by focusing on generating and quickly testing ideas for value, while reducing risk. Design Sprints allow organisations to consolidate the decision making and market research time, from months to just 1 week.

ADAPTOVATE helps teams deliver viable business outcomes by designing, prototyping, and testing solutions with a customer-centric lens. Used correctly, design sprints find solutions to known, well-defined problems.

Agile Delivery

ADAPTOVATE specialises in new ways of working, and we use agile principles to transform teams and implement new business models across organisations. Teams that work in agile can use Design Sprints and carry forward to implement their ideas using agile methods. Agile, with its focus on cross-functional teams, iterative delivery, and regular feedback allows the momentum to continue and build upon the outcomes of design sprints.

ADAPTOVATE can help you deliver a pilot in 12* weeks utilizing Agile new ways of working.

Embedding a culture of innovation in an organization follows a tried and tested path and the outcomes are clear.

  1. Elevate your brand by delighting customers with products they truly love.
  2. Decrease risk by solving problems the right way.
  3. Increase speed to market by building only what matters.
  4. Improve work culture by providing a fun and exciting environment fit for the digital age.

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