Agile Business Design at a Bank Case Study

Applying agility and systems thinking to produce a novel and effective operating model with a focus on risk management

The Challenge

Our client, the Australian division of a large global bank​, had a risk function with cumbersome processes, multiple gate-keepers and duplication of effort. A lack of understanding of the emerging risks and risk appetite of a digital organisation existed​, and risk needed to be able to support the rest of the bank as it adopted an Agile way of working.


Alongside a variety of engaged stakeholders at the client, we used Agile Business Design to reimagine the problem and develop a solution hypothesis​. A program room was established to focus the efforts of the team and to act as a change management vehicle for all stakeholders​. This allowed us to design a rollout plan for embedding the new model and conduct roadshows to interested parties – a win for organisational transparency. We embedded test and learn sprints into the Risk team while upskilling the entire function through masterclasses and in-the-moment training and coaching.


We produced three new operating models working with a team of cross-functional lawyers, front line staff, executives and operations staff​. These models reduced standard risk approval times by a factor of six​, with simple issue approval reduced significantly from weeks to 15 minutes​. This created an empowered risk function for the whole bank rollout of an Agile operating model.


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