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3 things to get right in your Digital-transformation 

The bedrock of digital transformation is developing future-ready organizational capabilities. Look at the three things to get right.

Tackling the Productivity Crisis

Australia is facing a productivity crisis and has been doing so for years. Our economy stands at a critical crossroads, grappling with a productivity crisis that is exacerbating inflation, stifling GDP growth, and diminishing real incomes.

Navigating Dual Challenges: Agile Transformation and Team Formation

When organisations embark on an Agile transformation journey, they often create or restructure teams. While dealing with one of these events can be emotionally challenging, dealing with both often overwhelms team members.

Rebooting Innovation: A Necessity for Business Success 

A series editorial by David Gumley, Managing Director ADAPTOVATE, on productivity and innovation

The Challenge of Raising Productivity

David Gumley, Managing Director of ADAPTOVATE shares his insight on the challenge of raising productivity in business today.