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ADAPTOVATE assists leaders to empower their teams, increase transparency and alignment of work, and improve decision making.

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Leaders endeavour to provide the best environment for their teams to be motivated towards achieving business and personal growth goals. 


Leadership teams face multiple challenges to steer their organisations to adapt to rapid changes in the market and working environment whilst maintaining staff engagement. As the market changes, products or services may become obsolete, teams may find themselves working on lower priority tasks, or teams may disengage due to loss of autonomy and empowerment to make decisions. 


ADAPTOVATE supports leadership teams in steering their organisations through transformation journeys to empower team members, increase transparency and alignment of work, and improve decision making. 

ADAPTOVATE consultants assist leaders to form cross-functional teams that are aligned to business priorities. With clear direction on the business goals set by the leaders, teams have more control and decision making on finding the best ways to achieve those goals, increasing team engagement and fostering innovation and collaboration. 


ADAPTOVATE helps leaders create measurable goals that are derived from the business strategy through the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework and to cascade those goals to teams. This ensures teams work in alignment to the business strategy and increases traceability of business priorities. ADAPTOVATE helps leaders track progress and adjust goals accordingly through quarterly planning cycles.

This allows leaders to work with their teams to break down annual goals into quarterly ones, adjusting priorities based on changes in market/customer needs and working environment. Planning on a quarterly basis encourages leaders to gauge performance against key results regularly and ensures decisions made are data-led.

ADAPTOVATE trains and coaches leaders and their teams on adopting agile mindsets and embedding a culture of test-and-learn. Through a test-and-learn delivery approach, teams are encouraged develop solutions iteratively where customer feedback is incorporated in every iteration to ensure solutions are refined to meet customer needs. This approach helps leaders and teams make better decisions and adapt faster to market changes. 

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can help Leadership teams on their transformation journey.

Leadership benefits from agile ways of working.

Successful agile transformations require leadership support. ADAPTOVATE coaches leaders to empower their teams and ensure new ways of working remain embedded in an organisation’s culture.

Improved team alignment with business strategy and better organisational decision making through measurable Objective and Key Results (OKRs) that are broken down and cascaded from organisational level to teams.

Greater responsiveness to changing markets and customer needs through a test-and-learn culture delivering faster product iterations.

Increased staff empowerment and commitment to shared goals set through collaborative quarterly planning and delivery cycles, reducing risk and increasing business transparency against objectives for teams and leaders.

Working with clients.

ADAPTOVATE works with leaders to deliver tangible business and customer outcomes. Most recently, at an Australian government department:

90% improvement in planning and prioritisation as a result of increased transparency and clarity provided through a roadmap, fortnightly planning and visual management of their work.

71% increase in employee engagement as a result of increased clarity, enabling teams to make decisions and do work that best met their strategic objectives.

72 % increase in efficiency through agile of ways working that reduce siloes and handovers and increase best practices sharing.

50% reduction in workplace stress as a result of greater transparency, alignment and clear prioritisation.

Embedding an agile mindset with a test and learn culture in an Australian government department.