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Proven business transformation, driven by agility.



Ghaleb helps organizations start, execute, and deliver their agile business transformation. As a change leader and C-level executive with a record of driving strategic transformation from concept to execution, including business unit carve-out and integration,​ Ghaleb has worked with executives and teams across the different phases of the business cycle, including the setup of greenfield operations, scaling new business lines, the optimization and turnaround of underperforming businesses, and divestments and integrations.​

Ghaleb’s engagements include:​

Led and coached executive teams at the local and multinational level through an agile strategic planning cycle, helping them to define and refine their strategies and business plans, and cascading them through the organization with clear objective-setting and delivery methodologies to improve execution ​

Led and coached the end-to-end digital transformation of an insurer, from customer journeys to analytics to back office automation, working cross-functionally in agile delivery sprints

Conducted strategic assessments for an executive team in how to improve their delivery capabilities, ranging from the introduction of autonomous teams to the transformation of the entire company operating model to Agile

Implemented several cost transformation programs including zero-based budgeting, lean operations, straight-through processing and robotic process automation

Led the successful launch and scale up of a new business line (Health Insurance) at an insurer, achieving 10% market share in 3 years

Ran 7 divestitures in Asia, Europe & North America from 2011-2014, including 2 IPOs, with transaction value exceeding $1.5 billion

Key facts:

  • Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School & London Business School.  
  • Master of Science In Biochemistry & Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto.​ 

Expert areas:

  • Canada