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Read below our case study of how ADAPTOVATE increased the speed of change delivery with new ways of working at a leading global airline.

The client is a leading global airline amidst a strategic commercial transformation  


ADAPTOVATE was selected to streamline the execution of top priority initiatives with Agile ways of working – in particular significantly improve the speed of change delivery with cross-functional teams and MVP approach  


ADAPTOVATE consultants were engaged in setting-up of 6 cross-functional teams covering Cost of Sales optimization, personalized upgrade offers, new stop-over product and new channel development (WhatsApp) as well as improving revenue management with better demand forecasting  


ADPAPTOVATE consultants were also asked to support organizational transformation in the Digital area 


Formed cross-functional MVP teams to increase speed of change delivery and launched the teams with multiple agile immersion sessions and dedicated tailored training  


Established regular agile cadence, set up team rooms and provided daily coaching to change mind-set and transform into high-performing self-organizing teams  


Effectively collaborated with BCG team and the client to establish new organizational design for Digital area and delivered hands-on support – training and coaching – for the launch of seven dedicated “Feature Pods”  


Created multiple other pockets of agile with tailored agile training and coaching sessions –  over 300 employees were involved in agile immersion and fundamentals training sessions at the head office and regional level.

Key Activities:

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support the Airline Industry with transformative ways of working.

The Results:

Strategic MVP teams were able to significantly improve time-to-market, with all MVPs delivered within 3 months (while the first MVP team delivered a solution for customers within 6 weeks!)

All teams delivered impressive and tangible results – e.g. Stopover product MVP delivered 15x increase in stopover-nights and personalized upgrades offers led to ~20% increase in revenue per offer.

Cross-functional “lighthouse” MVP teams confirmed the value of new ways of working at the airline – increased speed of change delivery and improved collaboration, communication and transparency, breaking the existing silos and introducing new mind-set.