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ADAPTOVATE supports financial services organisations on their agile digital transformation journey.

Financial services organisations operate in a dynamic industry, with ever-changing customer expectations, rapidly evolving technology and complex regulatory requirements.

Traditional ways of working do not enable course correcting and adapting based on real-time customer feedback. The costs to financial services organisations for failing to respond to changing market dynamics include poor customer experience, obsolete priorities, and declining staff engagement.

ADAPTOVATE helps financial services organisations overcome these challenges and deliver an exceptional customer experience by empowering teams through agile ways of working.

ADAPTOVATE trains, consults, and coaches organisations to develop products or services that are more user-centric by focusing on an incremental, iterative approach and cross-functional collaboration.

ADAPTOVATE helps organisations deliver value faster by working in short iterative sprints.

ADAPTOVATE’s Agile Coaches work closely with teams to set them up for success, regardless of whether they are just starting an agile pilot or commencing a transformation to expand agile-at-scale.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support digital transformation in financial services.

Benefits of agile in finance

ADAPTOVATE supports financial services organisations to unlock the benefits of agile ways of working. The five most commonly observed benefits for financial services organisations we have seen are in line with the Efma Global business agility report 2021 findings.

Increased collaboration across the organisation through cross-functional agile teams, rather than traditional top-down silos.

Increased speed of product delivery through short iterative development cycles.