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ADAPTOVATE supports Mining organisations on their digital transformation journeys to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and culture.

Organisations in the Mining industry run highly complex capital projects with significant costs and duration. Mining organisations have increasing demands to improve their methods for effective decision making and be more efficient in their operations in a way that positively impacts organisational culture. 

ADAPTOVATE supports Mining Digital Transformations to achieve those increasing demands through consulting, training, and coaching to adopt agile ways of working. 

ADAPTOVATE works with support functions and corporate head quarters to adopt a test and learn iterative approach that improves customer centricity, regular review of goals, and better decision making. ADAPTOVATE works with upstream, mid-stream and downstream operations to achieve better cost savings, reduction in cycle and concept to product time, and better measurement of outcomes. 

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support your Mining organisation deliver better outcomes for the business and customers.

ADAPTOVATE works with Mining organisations to achieve tangible business and customer benefits:

Increase transparency, alignment, and accountability across all teams and domains through clear definition of measurable goals and regular review of them.

Better teaming and positive impact to culture through collaboration between cross-functional teams with reduced silos.

Additional major cost and time savings through iterative ways of working that encourages innovation and delivers value faster.

Working with clients.

ADAPTOVATE has worked with global Mining organisations with proven track record of delivering business and customer value:

More than $100 million cost savings over 10 years in upstream operations through new partnership recommendation.

Reduction in cycle time of 85% (from 18 months to 4 weeks) for two capital project strategies in downstream operations.

Reduced the concept to product timeframe from 10 months to 12 weeks through standardised approach for manging spares tied to asset types.

Accelerating outcomes for a global Mining organisation.

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