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Defining the strategy for your teams to execute the highest value work.

What is Strategic consulting and how can ADAPTOVATE help? 

Strategic consulting starts with defining the problem. The first step is to ensure the facts which will guide your understanding of the size and nature of the problem are known. This data-led understanding of context is critical.  


Next we need to know what is difficult or hard about solving the problem. There is occasionally a lack of understanding or perceived ease in creating the solution. This is known as the challenge or ‘complication’.  


Once the barriers to solving the problem are understood, then the strategy is describing what plans we propose to solve the problem. There may be more than one initiative to undertake, and these are prioritised based on what impact we think will be achieved by executing these strategies against the overall objective.

A Strategic alignment

At ADAPTOVATE we believe that the first step towards scaling Agile requires a broad alignment on purpose throughout the business. We work with leaders to create alignment on what problems we are trying to solve and “why” we need to solve it and “what is important”. This enables them to by cascade prioritised objectives and key results from organisational level down to the team level.

Once the strategy for teams is aligned and clear, they will be empowered to execute the highest value work. ADAPTOVATE helps leaders and organisations execute their strategies through implementing agile ways of working to drive measurable and accountable business outcomes.  

Seven enablers for Agile at Scale to execute business strategies

We believe there are seven enablers for Agile at Scale which help ensure that strategy is executed well, by those with the right capability focused on the highest priority work:

Broad Alignment on Purpose 
Certainty of Team and Funding
Autonomy and Collaboration
Empowered People with Authority
Growth Mindset culture with embedded Test and Learn Behaviours
Sustainable Agile and Lean practices 
Flexible Architecture and Integration

Test plan and test strategy in agile

Within Agile there are numerous opportunities to test whether our strategy is working. At a team level, at the end of every work delivery cycle known as a sprint (often a two week period) we test whether we have made an improvement on our product or service by showcasing our work to our stakeholders for validated feedback.  


When a group of teams or squads are working tow