ADAPTOVATE coaches organisations to build and maintain agile roadmaps that bring alignment and focus.

A roadmap is a strategic planning technique used to show a projects key goals, milestones or deliverables on a timeline view. It is a powerful visual tool that helps you see the plan and see progress against the plan. A Gantt chart would be a common example of a roadmap and is commonly used in project management. 


Although product roadmaps can be incredibly useful, they are sometimes misused and can cause more confusion than alignment. If milestones, objectives and key results are not clearly defined, the roadmap will lack vision. If there is no clear owner for the roadmap, it will lose its reliability. If the roadmap is fixed without an understanding of how quickly a team can work (called team velocity) it will lose its credibility. 


An effective Agile product roadmap starts with a refined prioritised list of what will be built or created for the service or product called a product backlog. By creating a backlog the team has defined and prioritised valuable product or service increments that can be delivered incrementally. Those backlog items should be sized by the teams doing the work, and that effort estimation can then be used to place backlog items into upcoming time periods on the roadmap (usually called sprints) based on available capacity. 

ADAPTOVATE coaches organisations to develop agile product roadmaps that are intrinsically linked with the work happening in its teams.

ADAPTOVATE coaches product owners to own and maintain effective product roadmaps that gives vision and direction to teams whilst providing accurate reporting for stakeholders and leadership.

ADAPTOVATE partners with leading global providers of project management and team collaboration tools to enable our clients to drive adoption of agile techniques and use powerful features such as product roadmaps.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support your organisation utilise agile roadmaps to drive alignment.

Plan your product backlog into future sprints on a roadmap view alongside key milestones, dates or events.

Visualise and show progress to your teams and stakeholders.

Agile product roadmaps are living, breathing instruments that reflect the product backlog.

Find out how ADAPTOVATE can support your organisation utilise agile roadmaps to drive alignment.

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